Lightroom Tips

Tip – Picking Colors from Anywhere

Happy Friday fellow color pickers 🙂 Today’s tip works in the Develop, Print, Web, and Slideshow modules. Basically, it works in any module that has a color picker in it. For example, let’s say you’re in the Web module and you go to the Color Palette panel. You’ll see a few color swatches listed there. Each one of these controls the color in your web gallery. Well the tip is that if you click on one of those swatches it opens a color picker. Sure you can select the color you want right in the color picker but that’s not the tip. You can also select a color from anywhere on your desktop or other open windows. The trick is to click first in the color picker then drag anywhere on your computer to select a different color. Once you click in the color picker though, don’t let the mouse button go. Keep it pressed as you drag around and you’ll see the color changes to whatever your cursor is over regardless of what window or area of the screen you hover over. Here’s a quick list (but probably not complete) of most of the areas that have a color picker:

• Develop (Split Toning Panel)
• Slideshow (Stroke, ID Plate, Text Overlays, Backdrop panel, Titles panel)
• Web (Color Palette panel and Appearance panel)
• Print (Stroke Border setting and Overlays panel)

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!