Lightroom Tips

Tip – Has your photo been edited?

Ever want to quickly tell if your photo has been edited in Lightroom. Come on, you know when you’re sitting there alone at night the urge comes over you and you just can’t help it. You HAVE to know if a photo has been edited. Seriously though, I’ve found many times where I just wanted to see if I’ve done anything to a photo or not. If you get the urge too, there’s a quick way to tell. When you’re looking at your photos in the Grid or Filmstrip views you may see a little +/- icon on them. If you see that icon then the photo has been edited. If you don’t then it hasn’t. Also, you can tell if the photo has been cropped because there’s a little crop icon on it too. Finally, there’s a little tag icon that let’s you know if this photo has keywords applied to it. So from left to right they go like this: keywords, Crop, edits. That comes in handy if you just want to see if you’ve done anything to the photo yet. Have a great weekend!