Lightroom Tips

Tip – Grayscale (no wait Black and White) Shortcut

Howdy folks. You’re probably going to laugh at me for this tip. But my job here on the blog is to tell you about things in Lightroom that I find cool, in hopes that you may as well. So here’s an easy one that I’ve been using a lot lately (because I just discovered it). It’s the V key in the Develop module. This simple little key changes your photo from color to grayscale. By the way, the word “grayscale” is just geek-speak for Black & White. Seriously, I don’t understand why it’s not called Black and White. That’s what photographers call it right? I know graphic designers use the term grayscale but when was the last time you said “Hey, he shoots a lot of great grayscale stuff”, or “Wow, look at that awesome grayscale photo!”. Ugh, don’t get me started! Anyway, if you ever want to see what your photo is going to look like as a black and white (there I said it!) then just press V. Sure, its the default conversion but it should give you a quick idea at least. Then just press V again to get back to color.

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh… and graphic designers please unite to complain about my grayscale-bashing (and what the origins really are and why it’s technically correct to call it grayscale instead of black and white) in the comments 🙂