Lightroom Tips

Tip – Getting Home

One of the issues that I’ve found (along with many others) is that there is no way to link to your website’s home page from a web gallery created by Lightroom. Now, if you’re the HTML savvy type then you can probably figure it out, but if you’re not then try this (only works in 1.1 by the way). Go to the Web module and turn on the Identity Plate option. Here you can do one of two things a) Type in the word “Home” or something like that. b) Create a graphic that reads “Home” or whatever it is you want to send them to. Right under the Identity Plate option you’ll see the Web or Mail Link. Enter in the link that you want your ID Plate to follow and you’re golden. Now whenever some one clicks on it they’ll be taken to the home page, or where ever you sent them. Have a great weekend everyone!