Lightroom Tips

Tip – Deleting the easy way

Bonjour! Today’s my last day in Paris but I wanted to leave you with a quick tip for the weekend that I use myself all the time. By the way, thanks to anyone who sent me a message about where to shoot in Paris. I got some great ideas and even met up with a local NAPP member which was awesome (more on that next week). Anyway, the tip…

Last night I was going through my photos and whenever I come across one to delete (which happens a lot for me 😉 ) I always press the X key to flag it as a reject. Then, almost as if it’s second nature, I go to the Photo menu and choose Delete Rejected Photos. But I realized the other week at one of my seminars that quite a few people hadn’t seen that one so that’s your tip. Flag your photos as rejects first. That keeps you from having to answer the “Are you sure you want to delete” question multiple times. Then, when you’re done, just go to Photo > Delete Rejected Photos and remove them all at once. I delete from the hard drive too, not just the catalog. If they’re rejects that means I want them gone forever.

Have a great weekend everyone!