Lightroom Tips

Tip – Deleting Photos

The TipHere’s something that you’ll run into often – deleting photos. Assuming that not every photo you take is a keeper (hey, it could just be me that takes bad photos sometimes) 🙂 you’ll inevitably need to delete photos. There’s two ways in Lightroom: 1) Deleting from your catalog but leaving them on your computer 2) Removing them from your computer all together. For option 1, to delete from only your catalog but leave them on your computer just press Alt-Backspace (Mac: Option-Delete). If you want to delete them from your computer though just press the Delete key and then press the Delete From Disk button. That removes them totally from your computer.

Black and White TutorialIn other news, I just saw a tutorial from Scott Kelby for on converting to black and white in Camera Raw. Being some one that loves free stuff I figured I pass it along. Check it out here.