Lightroom Tips

Tip – Better Slideshows

One of the biggest complaints about Lightroom 1 and slide shows was that when you started your slide show, the person viewing your it always saw the first slide onscreen before the slide show even started. For example, if you’re showing a bride and groom the photos from their wedding, when they sit down, they see the first image onscreen without any music or anything which totally kills any emotional impact. Well Lightroom 2 has the option to create an intro screen to help out in this area. So, go ahead and set up a title slide (or just leave it black, but turn on the title slide feature in the Titles panel). Now, here’s the tip: When you make a slide show presentation for a client, before the client is in front of your monitor, start the slide show, and as soon as it appears onscreen, press the Spacebar to pause it. Now when your client sits in front of your screen, they don’t see your first photo—they see a black screen (or your title screen). When you’re ready to begin your presentation, press the Spacebar again and your slide show starts. Hope it helps you out some time. Have a great weekend.