Thursday News Stuff

Hi folks. Time for some news and industry info.

– First the big news. Adobe has released the long awaited “online version of Photoshop”. Not so fast though. The press jumped the gun a bit when they coined this the online version of Photoshop. It’s really not, but if you sit back and think about what it does allow you to do I think you’ll see it’s pretty slick. I’m not saying I’m going to run out and use it everyday but I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’ll be recommending that my family and friends use it. Not because I don’t LOVE those phone calls and emails from them when they get stuck (insert sarcasm 🙂 ), but because I think it’s a good solution for a lot of people. Scott and I did a quick video that goes over what it really is and you can see it here on his blog.

– I did an online learning center for Photoshop Express with videos on how to use everything. Again, probably not for most people reading this website but it’s a good place to point your friends and family if they want to learn how to use it.

– I just posted a video about my Layers book and what it’s all about. Here’s the link on Amazon and the book has been hanging in the top 200-400 (of ALL books) since it’s release. Plus it’s got a lot of really nice reviews (26 five star ones!). So if you’re still thinking of getting it but haven’t yet, you can watch the video right here as well as order a signed copy.

– I found a website that shows how to reverse engineer presets in Lightroom. It’s an interesting read if you’re into that reverse engineering thing. Here’s the link.

– Scott Kelby did a really nice article on his blog on shooting tethered into Lightroom. You can see it here.

Have a great day!