Before we get to our tip today, just a heads up: tomorrow is my 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk in cities all over the world, and you’re invited to come and join us — it’s not too late to join a photo walk near you (it’s free and it’s a ton of fun). Get all the details right here. You’ll have a really great time! OK, on to our tip:

Here’s one from the vault, but it’s a handy one – these are three of my favorite, quick little Lightroom shortcuts. Nothing really earth-shaking, but just really useful bread-and-butter stuff worth knowing. Here’s what they are, and why I think they’re so handy:

Hope you found that helpful. 🙂


P.S. I’ve got some tips today on how to make the most of tomorrow’s Photo Walk over on my daily blog at – Here’s the link if you’ve got a sec (well worth checking out). Plus, I’ve got two videos on how to use the Playpod Ultra and Max there, too.