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The Truth about Backups Follow Up

First, don’t forget to scroll down for today’s “Worth-a-click” post. Next, Tuesday’s “Truth about LR Backups” post generated a lot of comments. I’m not going to do a long follow up because there’s just so many differing opinions. After it’s all said and done, I still stand by my backup strategy. However many disagreed and I think it’s worth reading through the comments to see what folks have to say. I read a lot of good comments on how other people backup and even learned a few things (and I absolutely knew I would when I wrote that post). What I did want to do is at least mention all the various backup software that was talked about in the comments, so you didn’t have to dig through to find it. So here goes:

• Acronis True Image (probably the most popular of all of them)
• DriveImage XML
• Personal Backup X5
• CarbonCopyCloner
• ChronoSync
• SyncBack
• Carbonite
• GoodSync
• Microsofts Windows LiveSync