Matt, Me, and Serge from yesterday’s show, featuring my incredible shrinking chair.

That was our topic yesterday on ‘The Grid’ my weekly video podcast for photographers, and my guests were both dear friends and icons in the community, the awesome Matt Kloskowski, and ‘Cool Frenchy Guy’ Serge Ramelli. It was a really eye-opening discussion for a lot of folks, and I’ve embedded the show below so you can check it out (you can just let it run in the background while you edit your images today). 🙂

Thanks for giving the show a listen (or a watch, or both). 🙂

Current Capture One users – before you go and post a comment…

Watch the episode. Just actually watch it before you post.

I’m off to NYC today for a day trip for some meetings, and I’m right back home tonight. It’s pretty Brrrrrrrr up there for a Florida guy like me, but I dressed pretty warm so I won’t turn into a total popsicle.

Here’s to staying warm on a Thursday!