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The Photoshop CS3 Public Beta is Here!

CS3 is here
Okay, I know this is a Lightroom website and podcast but I just can’t resist. At 4:30 EST on December 14 Adobe has announced the public beta preview of Photoshop CS3. This is huge! They’ve never publicly released a beta of Photoshop before so as you can imagine I’m very excited (which is why I felt the need to make this post on a Lightroom website). Anyway, the beta is being released primarily because of Adobe’s commitment to the Mac Intel platform you can find out all the details you need to know right at NAPP’s own Photoshop CS3 Learning Center. There’s a ton of free videos, details, FAQs, links to other resources, and links to forums where you can discuss the CS3 beta. Check out the official NAPP Photoshop CS3 Beta Learning Center here.