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“The Lightroom Show” Episode #11 is Finally (finally!) Here!

So sorry for getting this out so late today — we had a technical glitch that kept this awesome, awesome Lightroom CC episode sitting on a server somewhere, but now it’s free to roam out there on the interwebs.

It’s our first episode talking about Lightroom CC, so we cover a bit in this episode (which is slightly longer than our regular episodes). Also, if you watched any of our four live Webinars Tuesday, some of this is going to be stuff you’ve already heard, but we have a few new things thrown in just for good measure. I’m covering the new Panos feature, RC’s doing (of course) HDR, and I talk about the LR Mobile updates (and the fact that it’s now on Android tablets).

Our featured photographer this episode is Eric Kim (here’s the link to check him and his very cool work out).

Again, sorry for the VERY late release. We think we have this fixed going forward, so shouldn’t happen again.


Sc0tt & RC