The Adobe Exchange Now Has Lightroom

I’ve been a long time fan of the Adobe Exchange. I mention that site as a huge resource in just about every one of my Photoshop classes. Especially since I’m an actions nut and they’ve got the best resource out there for actions. But it’s not just actions – they’ve got everything when it comes to presets and cool downloadable “stuff” (free and not free) for every Adobe program out there. How does this relate to Lightroom though? Well, the folks over at the Adobe Exchange have finally included Lightroom in the mix. Now you can download Develop presets, export plug-ins, web galleries and who knows what else. Most of it is free but there is some paid stuff too. Plus, developers can place their downloads on the site which means I’ll probably be adding my presets soon. So… the moral of today’s post: Check out the Adobe exchange. Obviously for Lightroom stuff but also for lots of little gems that work with the other Adobe programs you use.

Here’s the link to the Adobe Exchange home page.

Here’s the link to the Lightroom section.