Lightroom Tips

Stolen Preset – LR on a laptop Identity Plate

One of our editors for Photoshop User Magazine, Mike Mackenzie, recently sent me a link to a really neat Lightroom add-on/preset/whatchamacallit. It’s called Gavin’s Greyscale Gradient (from photographer Gavin Gough) and its an identity plate preset that shows you the tonal changes from white to black in 19 stages. Basically, it allows you to check that you’re seeing all the tones that you want to be seeing. Why? Well Gavin points out that most of us calibrate our main screens, but since many of us are often working on a laptop, a small shift in viewpoint (or the angle at which we’re viewing our screen) can totally change the way the colors and tones look. I’d even argue that many folks don’t even calibrate their main screens (and certainly not once a week like you’re supposed to) which makes this even more useful. Anyway, here’s the site to download the identity plate and they’ve even got directions on how to install it. Have at it!

UPDATE: I learned that there’s a version 2 of the graphic. You can get to it here.