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Some Thursday Inspirational Links

Here’s a few things to chew on for the day if you’re looking to get inspired.

The first one if from a frequent visitor to this very website. His name is Hendrik van der Veen from Friesland (located in the northern part of the Netherlands). While not a professional photographer per se, you’d never know it from his work. He’s got some amazing landscape work as well as some equally amazing portraits. Make sure you pay his website a visit by clicking here.
Disclaimer: 99% of Hendrik’s work is PG rated. There is 1% though, that some may consider a little racy so if that offends you, then you may want to skip the “Portrait/Glamour” and “Still Life” sections of his gallery. I’m just sayin’…

The next gallery is something really different. His name is Andrew Wheeler and he’s a pro photographer that specializes in shooting motorcycle racing events. I first came upon his work in the latest issue of Photoshop User magazine (one of his photos is on the cover) where he talks about how Photoshop Lightroom fits into his life. I just love this stuff! The color, the sharpness, the speed he conveys is absolutely amazing to me. He’s got a website with a photo gallery here, but the best place I found to see his latest and best stuff is his blog.

Well campers, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow to close up the week.



  1. Martin Perreault 8 February, 2008 at 16:12 Reply

    Been following your site for a while. You gotta love RSS for that.
    I felt compelled to write a quick comment about the links you mentioned in your post. You mention some of the photos from Hendrik may be a bit too racy for some viewers. I hardly can imagine how anyone could see any of the photos from Van Der Veen’s portfolio racy. I looked for them, and it’s pretty basic stuff photography wise. There are no nudes, very soft lingerie stuff in there – I mean, we see a lot more racy in every day advertising for jeans. Personaly, in our day and age, if anyone feels offended by any of the photographs on that website, they seriously don’t belong on photography websites. Artistic nudes, the exploration of the body’s curves and figure, is old as art itself and will always be present in photography. By adding a Disclaimer such as the 99% VS 1% disclaimer in your post in relation to photos as soft and accessible as the ones on Van Der Veen’s website, I believe you invite people to look for those images and judge them. I understand the reasoning behind your disclaimer, and I command this nice gesture and your positive intentions of wanting to be fair and cool with your readers, but I cannot help but think this was simply unnecessary and, since you are promoting the use of a software aimed at photographers, it makes even little less sense to have such a disclaimer. Just my two cents! Peace.

  2. Jason Joseph (N.Y.C.) 8 February, 2008 at 10:01 Reply


    This is off topic but I cant seem to find any way to contact you other than here….

    I’m curious if you could speak a little about sharpening AND Print sharpening in Lightroom, when working in conjunction with photoshop.
    I tend to do my processing in LR and then also do some selective skin softening and further retouching in CS3….. I do sharpen … and add some clarity ( which I feel lends a certain sharpness and crispness ) in LR… but then Bringing the file over to photoshop… If I sharpened in LR DO i further sharpen in CS3? If so then what about print sharpening in LR?
    Spare me and I’m sure countless others who must also be curious about this, from endless tests… and please shed some light on this subject!

    Much appreciated,
    Jason Joseph N.Y.C.

    P.S. Do you have an email address for readers?

  3. scott jones 7 February, 2008 at 22:56 Reply

    Thanks for the tips, but I must say the navigation on the Andrew Wheeler site is a mess. Took me forever to figure it out and then the clutter just made me give up. Just thought i would give some honest feedback. Images looked nice though.

  4. Ron 7 February, 2008 at 16:31 Reply

    Hey Matt,

    is there a way to make the page black on the print module instead of white?

    i know you can do it in the web and slide show module. I use acrobat to print the file to and i could open PS and do changes there im sure. But i want to save time and just print in acrobat and email it off to client as a secured doc without doing all the PS stuff.


  5. Gerry 7 February, 2008 at 16:22 Reply

    Hi Matt, Many thanks for sharing these links. It’s always amazing how many artistic photographers are around…. and to browse over such portfolios is always a pleasure and … the basis for new creativity 😉

    Thanks and take care.

    Gerry Pacher

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