Lightroom Tips

Some Free Webinars, a Lightroom Tip (and stuff)

Just wanted to give you a quick free webinar update:

• The webcast with Scott and I ran into some technical glitches yesterday. We’ve rescheduled for next Thursday April 21 at 3pm EDT.
• Datacolor (makers of the Spyder calibration system) is hosting a free webinar called “How to Capture Color
• Don’t forget to follow me over at Facebook and Twitter for random updates during the week. (PS: Make sure you click “Like” on Facebook and not a friend request – I actually don’t do anything with my personal page anymore so you won’t see the updates if you “Friend” it)
• Today is the last day to participate in Westcott’s Photoshop World Shootout Contest. If you went to the show and have any photos from the Westcott booth, make sure you upload them.
• And finally, a quick Lightroom Tip… In Lightroom 3, when you import your photos (File > Import Photos), you’ll see the large dialog that opens. Of course it’s got a ton of options in it, most of which you don’t need on a daily basis when importing. If you’re like me (God help you!), you pretty much just choose a different folder destination, but everything else usually remains the same. If that’s the case, you can minimize the dialog to just show you the essentials by clicking that minimize button (downfacing arrow) in the bottom left corner of the dialog.

Have a great weekend!