Seminar Update – Thanks!

First off, scroll down to the next post for this week’s free presets. Next, I just wanted to give my sincere thanks to everyone that came out to the Covington, KY “Lightroom 2 Live” seminar last Friday. We actually had a nice surge in attendance at the end and wound up with nearly 400 people which is very cool. Even cooler though, is that I was just overwhelmed at how many people came up and said they read the blog and watch the podcasts all the time. I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd for my first Lightroom seminar and things went off pretty much without a hitch (except for the fact that I didn’t check the tethered cable during the tethered shoot and it had come loose 😉 ).

If you’re reading this and you were there, don’t forget to go to the link I gave you to download the presets I mentioned in class. I just checked and it’s up now.

Update: As I was writing this post, I just got the evaluations from the seminar dropped off in my office so I’ll be going through them today and I’m willing to bet that’ll lead to some brand new tutorials too. Thanks again!