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Saturday Video Tip? Cool Brushing in LR

I know… the unexpected Saturday post has reared its head again. Better yet, it’s the unexpected Saturday Blog Post Video tip! You just can’t beat that can you 🙂 Anyway, this week I’ve got a 1 minute video tip for you on some very cool brushing options in LR 2 beta. I know it’s just in beta and version 2 isn’t out yet, but this is one of my favorite tips in version 2 and I’ve been dying to show it. Enjoy and have an awesome weekend.

Update: Apparently this doesn’t work in the Windows version of the beta. I haven’t been able to test this out for sure (but many comments have been left alerting me of this) but it’s looking like a no-go for Windows. Sorry about that.

Click here to watch the video. (10Mb)