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Removing Spots with Lightroom’s Visualize Spots Tool

Hi, ya’ll — Benjamin Warde joins us today with a quick 60-second tip on how to use Lightroom’s Visualize Spots, Tool:

Thanks, Benjamin! 🙂

Hey, what are those list of cities doing inside Lightroom (below)?

NEW: We added some new cities to my Lightroom Seminar Tour:
Besides Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle this month, we’ve added:

Denver (Sept 22nd)
Houston (Sept 25th)
Austin, TX (Sept. 26th).

For tickets or more details, hit it here. 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!





  1. callmebob 3 August, 2017 at 11:56 Reply

    Once you’re in that mode… zoom in (Z) then use the Home, Page down keys to move progressively through the entire image and clean up. When you hit the bottom edge, it will wrap you to the right and top again… That will assure you walk through the whole image in an orderly manner.

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