As you know I get lots of questions through the comments here on the site so I’m picking off a few from the list to answer. Here goes:

Q) After removing the beta profiles, I see profiles for Camera D2X Mode 1,2, 3 (for Nikon only) and standard Camera profiles like Landscape, Neutral, Portrait etc. I use Nikon D90. Should camera profiles for D90 appear instead of the D2X? Or should I use standard Camera profiles like Landscape, Neutral, Portrait?

A) Yeah, this one is weird. Although the profiles are called D2X they’re actually profiles for all Nikon cameras. Honestly, I don’t really get it. But I kinda like the D2X Mode 3 profile personally and use it often. So regardless of what camera you have, don’t be alarmed that the D2X profiles show up. Unless you own a D2X you won’t see any profiles with your specific camera name.

Q) Those Camera Profiles are a neat feature in LR2.2 , but what about the two newer Canon styles released recently to improve skin tones…called P-Studio and P-Snapshot – I don’t see these?

A) From what I can see from Canon’s website, these profiles appear to be Extended function styles. There are no Lightroom equivalent profiles available for them like there are the other Canon picture styles.

Q) Is there a way to password-protect a Lightroom catalog? What I’d like is when I open LR and select a catalog, a dialogue box with a password would come up to get into it.

A) Nope. Not a bad idea though.

Q) I downloaded your print presets but I am not able to install them to my develop module?
When I try to install your print presets I get the error “The Preset File was the wrong type of preset”?

A) This means you broke Lightroom for good 🙂 Just kidding. I get this question every single time I release a print preset. Probably because I usually release Develop presets and folks are used to installing them in the Develop module. First off, you can’t install any print presets into the Develop module. They are for the Print module only. If you ever get the error message listed above, it just means you were in the Develop module (or Web or Slideshow) when you installed them and not the Print module. So double check which module you’re in before you try to install the print presets.