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What To Do When Your Program Doesn’t Offer The Ability To Print

I got this question in my email last week:

I am searching for a tutorial on “How to Print” in the New Cloud Lightroom CC. I can’t find anything on the web, even in Adobe. Do you have such a video/videos on the New CC to help?

The answer, sadly, is that the “New Cloud Lightroom CC” doesn’t print. Period. Even if you try pressing the standard ol’ Command-P (PC: Ctrl-P) to bring up your operating systems built-in printing function, nothing happens. It’s been disabled. In short, “That dog don’t hunt.”

Now, I haven’t been told this, so this is purely me just speculating, but I would say that for the market demographic that Lightroom CC was designed for (millennials and people whose only camera is their phone) — that market’s not big on printing (if they print at all). If they did, the ability to print would have been in the first release. It’s well over a year later and you can’t even use the OS’s built-in print feature with it.

Do I think they’ll add printing any time soon?
My guess (I haven’t asked anybody at Adobe), would be no, for the same reason I mentioned above – the Lightroom CC customer demographic doesn’t do a whole lot of printing.

So, what’s that person supposed to do?
Well, I do know a program that does print really well, and I even have a new class on how to make it print even better. I put the trailer below (chances are the subscription plan that person has, also comes with Lightroom Classic, which prints like a boss!).

Here’s a direct link to the class.

One more thing:
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Have a great weekend everybody. I’ve got some something really cool I’m cooking up for Monday. I think you’ll dig it. 🙂



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