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Printing a Multi-Photo Layout? Consider “Draft Mode”



When I’m printing a multi-photo layout (like the one you see here) I turn on “Draft Mode Printing” (shown circled here in red) which sends a low-res preview version of each image to the printer, instead of making you wait for each high-resolution image to render, so the print comes out MUCH faster, but the quality is still great because the size of each image is so small.

Give this “Draft Mode Printing” a try next time you’re doing a multi-photo layout and you’ll be amazed at how great those images look even though they’re just the low resolution preview versions (in fact, I doubt you’ll be able to tell the difference from the full high-res originals).

Now, that being said: don’t be seduced by this draft mode printing — it’s just for these multi-photo layouts where you have a lot of small-sized images. I’ve talked to people who love draft mode printing so much, they use it for most everything because it’s so fast, but you will notice a difference if you’re printing just one or two images per page. 🙂

Let me know what you think of draft mode once you get a chance to try it.

Hope you find that helpful.



P.S. Over on my daily blog at http://scottkelby.com I’ve got some BTS  images from my Dubai trip.