Lightroom Tips

Presets – Yellow Duotones

Hi everybody. It’s time for another round of presets. This week I was tinkering around with the Duotones that you can find in Photoshop (Image > Mode > Duotone). As is usually the case, I always try to recreate whatever I can in Lightroom and I think I’ve come pretty darn close here in volume 1. So we’ll kick the Duotones off with the yellow presets I found in the list. They’re actually called “Yellow bl 1”, “Yellow bl 2” and so on but we’ll just called them Yellow 1, 2, 3 and 4. I hope you like ’em.

UPDATE: I realized that I did not include the Black and White conversion in the original presets (which is a big part of them). So if you downloaded these any time before 3:30 EST then go ahead and re-download them for the new ones (and delete the old ones). Thansk 🙂

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Yellow Duotone Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets .