Presets – Yellow Duotones

Hi everybody. It’s time for another round of presets. This week I was tinkering around with the Duotones that you can find in Photoshop (Image > Mode > Duotone). As is usually the case, I always try to recreate whatever I can in Lightroom and I think I’ve come pretty darn close here in volume 1. So we’ll kick the Duotones off with the yellow presets I found in the list. They’re actually called “Yellow bl 1”, “Yellow bl 2” and so on but we’ll just called them Yellow 1, 2, 3 and 4. I hope you like ’em.

UPDATE: I realized that I did not include the Black and White conversion in the original presets (which is a big part of them). So if you downloaded these any time before 3:30 EST then go ahead and re-download them for the new ones (and delete the old ones). Thansk πŸ™‚

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Yellow Duotone Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets .


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  1. Found out on my own…
    Image -> Mode -> RGB Color
    Ready to go

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  2. Hey Matt,

    Saw you Photoshop Duotone post at Peachpit. Ihad some great results following your tips and playing around with tons of options. But, when importing the file to Lightroom it does not suport that color mode. Hmmm, what is the work around?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work feding us nerds with hints and tricks at all the forums you are involved with.

    (in Sweden)

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  3. Hey Matt,
    I recently noticed that some of your presets have the camera profile included. When I choose one e.g. Matts 300 Look, in LR 2.3 RC then use the Command + Z keys to undo it, an Undo Camera Profile: 4.4 shows up instead of an Undo Preset message.
    I sent a bug report to Adobe about this.

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  4. Thanks Matt,

    I will for sure plan a trip to that area!


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  5. Winger – I think the surreal edgy effect I’ve done here on the site comes pretty close. Lots of Fill Light, Clarity, and contrast will get you close.

    Winston – You can stack presets as along as they don’t both try to modify the same settings. For example if one preset (high-key) tries to increase say, the Brightness slider, but another preset tries to lower the Brightness slider then the Brightness will be set to whichever preset you applied last.

    Peter – Thanks. I needed that. Hope you’re able to make it to Photoshop World. We’re giving away tickets on Photoshop TV so make sure you watch the end of the show and enter the contest.

    Vivek – Glad you like the photo. That was taken at Lake Morraine in Banff National Park in Canada. I can’t recommend a trip to Banff enough. You could spend weeks there as a photographer and still not capture everything there is to see. June seems to be a great time to go.

    Matt K

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  6. Hey matt,

    This might not relate to your blog but I’m gonna ask it anyway πŸ™‚

    I have a question about your HDR class at kelby-training.
    Where is the lake from the HDR photo, you know.. with the rocks on the foreground.. It’s a beautiful shot and I have seen it before and want to go there but can’t find info on the location anywhere…



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  7. Hey Matt,

    Know how you can tell a pioneer from those who are not willing to venture out and seek something new ? The pioneers have arrows in their backs πŸ™‚

    Thanks for pioneering new techniques, the inspiration and for sharing.

    Was hoping to meet up at PS World in Boston, but may have to make a choice between software upgrade to keep up with the latest techniques or PSW.

    May still find a way.


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  8. Hey Matt…

    Your presets have been a great inspiration to me, both in Lightroom and photography in general; I find myself looking for photos that would work well with a vintage preset or similar.

    One thing that I would like to do is to be able to “stack” preset effects easily. For example, I’d like to use a soft focus preset and Vintage New York on the same shot; can that be done (without exporting/re-importing)?

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  9. Hi Matt,
    Like Kenny have said, thanks for all the work you do for this community. I’ve just finished reading all your posts :).
    Lately I have been reading about the plugin topaz adjust in PS. Is there a way to make a photo look like been touch with topaz adjust in LR?

    Again, Thanks for your time and help.

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  10. Hey guys,
    No sweat on the comments. I have thick skin πŸ™‚

    1) I just realized that converting to B&W wasn’t part of the presets so if you’ve downloaded these things anytime before 3:30 EST then re-download them.

    2) Here’s the thing that’s great about presets. If you don’t like ’em, then you don’t have to use them. They’re totally free so you’re not out any $$. It’s really personal taste which is why I put a preview with each preset. You don’t even have to download it if the preview doesn’t look like something you’ll use.
    Personally I use Duotones all the time for my black and whites and I’ve created presets that save me from having to tediously set the sliders to the exact number each time.


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  11. Hi Kenny,

    I agree with you. I see the benefit of presets in general. But presets that are only moving the duotone sliders to an arbitrary value are useless from my point of view. I am wonderung what to to with them as well (especially because they are yellow/green). If I need a color I move the slider…

    Matt, sorry for my view on the presets. Lightroomkillertips as website is awesome and my favourite website regarding Lightroom. I check it regularly.

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  12. Matt,

    Thanks for all you do for this community, but I’m really strruggling with these presets, wondering what on earth I’d do with them? I’m not one to give negative feedback, but how would YOU use such a preset? The lighter tones are more acceptable, verging I guess on an old-time/sepia feel, but the rest, I’m afraid you’ve got me on! Hope this post isn’t outta line.

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