Photoshop and Lightroom Seminar Update

I’ve got a few more Lightroom Live seminars coming up in the next month and Scott Kelby is taking his Photoshop for Photographers Seminar Tour out as well. Here’s the dates in case you’re in the area.

Photoshop for Photographers with Scott Kelby
Sacramento, CA: Wednesday, August 22nd
Denver, CO: Wednesday, August 29th
Arlington, TX: Friday, September 14th

Lightroom Live Seminar with Matt Kloskowski
Seattle, WA: Friday August 24th
St Louis, MO: Tuesday September 11th
Kansas City, MO: Wednesday September 12th

Here’s the link to find out more about the entire day, and watch a video from us where we describe exactly what you’re going to learn. I hope to see you there! Oh and as always, if you are attending make sure you come up and say hi. I had so many people come up just to say hi at the seminars last month and I gotta tell ya, it never gets old. Thanks! πŸ™‚


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  1. Your program details (above) are way out of date. How about updating them for 2014?

    Peter Brown

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  2. can u clarify if the presets u make available will work on lr 3 or only on lr4? some of us are still on lr3……. ashok

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  3. Would love to attend a Lightroom 4 seminar. Any chance you are coming to the Washington DC region? Please…

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  4. When are you coming to Southern California? I would love to attend one of your Seminars.

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  5. Hello Matt, I find it difficult to leave comments, so hope I am in the right place. I have a begging request! Would you please please update the focal point presets for Lightroom 4? I know how to reuse them using the system you have shown on the video but somehow its not as good as Lightroom 4 is so much better overall. I take alot of theatre pics, and the focal point can really lift stage lighting…. lazy of me but its a drag always doing a filter myself.. Hope this isn’t too demanding, and I live by all your hints and tutorials, so thanks

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  6. I hope the seminar goes well for everyone that makes it, will be a shame to miss out.

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  7. Please guys remember Philadelphia. I live in South Jersey and would love some events in Philadelphia. Did I say Philadelphia twice? My bad. Keep up the good work.

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  8. Just moved to Boston, has your Lightroom Seminar been there yet?

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  9. Bring the lightroom tour to Nashville. I loved the photoshop one but Lightroom….yes please.

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