Gallery Spotlights

Neil and Susan Silverman Photography

This week’s gallery spotlight is Neil and Susan Silverman (the Silvermans). They teach workshops for the Great American Photography Workshops and they’ve both got some really amazing work. I was privileged to be able to participate a couple years ago on a workshop with them in Bar Harbor, Maine. Let me tell ya’ – these two are passionate about photography. Neil is an absolute maniac and he will make sure your camera gets a work out when you’re with him. The best part about this is that now I’m sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport and I’m on my way to teach along side them during a workshop in Banff National Park (yep Dave Cross’s homeland). I can’t wait. I’ve seen the photos of Banff and they’re amazing. I’m sure the Silvermans have scoped out some very cool places while we’re there. After we shoot I’ll be taking the group back to the classroom to process our photos from start to finish in Lightroom and Photoshop and back to Lightroom again. I’ll try to post some photos along the way. See ya!