I Need Your Opinion On Something…

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..and it’s pretty important. (OK, it’s really important). As you might imagine I want this site to totally kick butt for all the awesome Lightroom folks who come by  here (like you, for instance).

So, I need a favor. Could ask you for just a quick 3 minutes to take this short, 5-question survey? (btw: the fifth question is totally optional, so you could make it a four question survey and be done even quicker). Just click the “launch me” link below and the survey will appear.

I really want this to be a tremendously valuable resource for Lightroom users, and together I’m certain we can get there. By you taking this survey, and sharing your opinions (it’s pretty much all multiple choice) it will really help a lot. Once I know what you’re looking for, I can tailor the content I post here to match what you’re looking for (and I can skip the stuff nobody cares about). So, many thanks in advance for sharing your opinions. It really makes a difference, and I super appreciate it.  — Scott