Lightroom Tips

My Two Absolute Most Favoritest Shortcuts in Lightroom

Today’s tip is all about me. You may not care in any way what my two favorite (yes, I know favoritest isn’t a word) shortcuts are but my guess is that if I like ’em – then you’ll like ’em too. So here it is. I’m often jumping back and forth between the Library module and the Develop module. Well once I get a photo that I want to process selected in Library I just press D to work in Develop for that photo. Then, if I’m in the Develop module (or anywhere else for that matter), I can quickly get back to the Library module by pressing the letter G for Grid. That really is just taking you to Grid view in the Library module but that’s usually where I want to be anyway. So there you have it – my two absolute most favoritest shortcuts in Photoshop Lightroom.