My New Lightroom 3 Presets App Is On Sale!

Happy fake-manufactured-online-shopping day everyone! 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got a brand new Lightroom training app out. It’s called “Lightroom Creative Presets”. Of course I always provide free presets here on the site. But I get a lot of questions about creating presets so I created an app that goes through my thought process for a bunch of different styles of presets. The app is broken up into 10 lessons. Each lesson concentrates on a certain style of preset: Color Effects, Edgy Effects, Black and White, Vintage, borders, etc… Plus, you’ll get a big zip file containing a bunch of my presets to go along with it. This app (and all of the Kelby Training apps) are on sale through today only. Then they go back up to their regular price of $9.99.

OK, on to Cyber Monday. Yep, I know it’s really just a way for retailers to extend the mega holiday shopping weekend, but there’s an upside if you’re a consumer. There’s a lot of good deals to be had. I can totally tell you that the prices you get from NAPP and Kelby Training today only come on this day every year. There’s still good deals throughout the year, but none of them are ever as good as the ones you see here. So stop by and at least take a look. I know money is always tight, and if you’re thinking about buying a Kelby Training subscription, book, dvd, etc… then today is probably the best day to do it. Thanks!