My New DVD is Out!

Wanna learn Lightroom in an easy, understandable, from start-to-finish way? Well, I’m really psyched to announce that my new Lightroom DVD is out and shipping now from Here’s the low-down:
1. Simple, down to earth, easy to follow training – much like what you see on this site.
2. Everything is covered in the order in which you should use it in Lightroom.
3. It’s Fast! It’s not 20 hours of training. It’s 2 so you can actually finish it.

If you like this website then you’ll love the DVD. If you don’t like the website then you probably won’t like the DVD. 🙂 You can pick up the DVD here. Also, if you’d rather watch it online then check out
Whew! Now that my shameless self-promotion is done. Check out the next post for this week’s video.