My Lightroom Apps (and all Kelby Media Apps) Are 50% off Today

Hey folks! In celebration of the success of and response to Scott Kelby’s new Lighting Recipes app, we’re having a 24-hour app sale for all of the other Kelby Training apps!*

Today only, for 24 hours, all Kelby Training apps that are normally $9.99 are on sale for $4.99. Take advantage of our biggest app discount ever, and tell your friends too!

*Excludes Light It Magazine



  1. Cameron 27 March, 2012 at 14:27 Reply

    Hey Scott,Why don’t you take your tours to Europe (or the rest of the World) ?I think there are a lot of people otisude of the USA who would like to attend your tours, but who don’t have the opportunity to come to the USA. (I know they could buy your book, but that’s not the same.) AND: It’s a great excuse for you to travel!!! P.s. : If you would come to Europe, make sure to come to Brussels, but not when I’m supposed to be in school! (I hate the fact that those events are always when I should be in school!)

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