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Earlier today I posted this shot of me holding a poster I made with a photo I had taken of all 32 NFL teams (it took me literally seven years to shoot all 32, and I finally got there by shooting the last one just a few weeks back — it was the Baltimore Ravens that I still hadn’t shot). The poster is just for me — something to hang in my home office.

Anyway, as soon as I posted it, some folks started asking how I did the layout. Luckily, last year I had done a shot Lightroom 5 tutorial using the same technique, but it was for an Audi R8 shoot I did. So, different photos, same technique (it’s embedded here if you’ve got a minute).

Author: Scott Kelby

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  1. Can you explain how you got the metadata Title field to come in white text over a black field in each of the cells in your grid, or did you do that somehow in PS ? Thanks

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  2. What paper are you printing on? and what size?

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  3. What paper are you printing on? and Size?

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  4. thanks!! This will be very helpful

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  5. On the pic that you are holding you have a black border at the bottom of each pic which I assume has the name of the team or city. Did you create those in Lightroom? Also, can you change the background color in Lightroom or add a border? Thanks.

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    • The words under each picture (cell) come from each photo’s metadata.

      You could go to library / metadata and set the “Title” keyword to be the text you want under the individual photo. In his case, it’s probably the team or city name combination (I can’t read it on my small screen).

      In the print module, you check the “Photo Info” checkmark, then select the “Title” choice and it get the Title text from the metadata and put it under the photo.

      Setting the colors etc is easy once you’ve got some text showing – just poke around 😉

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    • You get the text under each photo cell by setting it’s metadata “Title” field in the Library module. In the print module, you click the check box on “Photo Info” and select “Title” from the options list there. Changing the colors etc is pretty easy to figure out by poking around with some photos and data already in place.

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    • Auf der Heide – you can create those borders and text using “LR/Mogrify 2”.

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