Hi, gang – it’s a new week, full of awesome possibilities, and potential. Let’s make the most of it! To kick off our week, here’s some news stuff!

Adobe released a Lightroom CC update
Standard maintenance update, with bug fixes, some new camera support (like the new Canon 6D Mark II – it’s not even shipping yet, so high-five to the LR Team); and lens profiles. Here’s the full list. Happy note: I saw where this release fixed a bug one of our readers was having, so that makes this update even more awesome. 🙂

Lens Effects for Lightroom
My wife uses this app on her iPhone called “Lens Distortions” which lets you add lens flares and light hits and all kinds of really great effects, and I was saying I wish they made something like it for Lightroom, and it turns out…they do. Surprisingly cool effects, with a surprisingly high price. If they get the pricing right, this could really take off. Until then, it’s at least worth checking out their demos videos — here’s the link. 

We lost a lighting company
Even though I never got to use their strobes, I was still sad to hear that Bowens, a major longtime player in the studio lighting market, is going into liquidation (story at DIYphotography.net). I thought the industrial design of their XMS500 Pro Studio Monolight was one of the best-looking strobes ever made. The past few years have been a tough time for the photography gear market as a whole. Here’s to better days.

My Lightroom Mobile: Start to Finish class is online
Check out the trailer above (if you’d be so kind). Here’s the link to watch it now.

More Lightroom Mobile Update Stuff
Adobe Worldwide Evangelist Terry White did a great video and post about last week’s Lightroom Mobile update. Here’s the link (BTW: congrats to Terry who is celebrating 21-years at Adobe this week. High-five, T!).

That’s it for this awesome Monday. Hope yours is away better than average today! 🙂



P.S. I’m in Richmond and Nashville with my Lightroom Seminar this week. Come on out and spend the day with me.