Why Does Lightroom’s Basic Panel Look Different Sometimes?

I recently got that question, and in particular, they asked why they sometimes see a Fill Light or Recovery slider (see below left highlighted in red —  the normal Basic panel is shown below right).

What’s happened is they’ve opened a photo they edited years ago in Lightroom — before the enhancements that were added to Lightroom editing mathematics a number of versions ago. Back in ‘the old days” the Highlights slider was named the ‘Recovery’ slider (it recovered clipping highlights) but it could only pull back (decrease) the highlights, not like the Highlights slider of today which can recover or increase the highlights. Same thing with the Fill Light slider — it could only open the shadow areas — not darken them, but the math was also quite different on it, and its effect was much stronger and more pronounced than today’s Shadows slider, which replaced the old Fill slider.

To use the ‘new’ math and today’s slider on that old image; just go to the Develop Module; head down to the Calibration panel, and where it says Process, choose ‘Version 4 (Current) as shown above, and it will update your image to the new math (your image probably will look a bit different once you do that, because the underlying math is different). Now, conversely, if you want to go back and take one of your recent images and see how the old math worked (and use the old Fill Light and Recovery sliders), go to the Calibration panel and choose ‘Version 1 (2003).

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