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Lightroom Video – Installing and Organizing Your Presets in Lightroom 5

When a new version of Lightroom comes out I always like to update the video on upgrading, installing and organizing your presets for Lightroom. Just to go over any differences or changes with the new version. Luckily, with Lightroom 5, you don’t really need to change anything from Lightroom 4. Presets work pretty much the same way that they did in version 4, and any presets you had from Lightroom 4 will work just fine in Lightroom 5 with no changes. Anyway, here’s a video that goes over how to install and organize your presets so that they’re easy to get to. Enjoy!

(if the video looks small, you can click the Full Screen icon in the lower right corner, or click the YouTube icon to go to their site to see it larger)