Lightroom Video – Converting Camera Raw Presets to Lightroom

Presets rock right? Well, if you’ve been a camera raw user before Lightroom then you may have presets in ACR as well. In this week’s video, I’ll show you a trick for getting them over into Lightroom. While there’s no official preset converter to get ACR presets to Lightroom, it’s a pretty simple process move your favorite photo recipes over from Camera Raw to Lightroom. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Thank you Matt for all your tips…
    Check out this site :
    Soon they will start selling their cameras with this ultra new technology , it’s all about light field. The light field camera. Check it out. It’s so cool….

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  2. Hey Matt, what about going from Lightroom to Photoshop?

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    • its the opposite way, you start in LR then do the same in PS camera raw

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      • Matt I did like you say but from lightroom to camer raw photos opening as reset,without lightroom presets which I apply in I do wrong thanks matt.

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