Lightroom Tips

Lightroom Version 1 is Announced!

Well, after one year in public beta, Adobe has announced the release of version 1 of Photoshop Lightroom. The last public beta release was beta 4 and I’ve got to say that version 1 has some excellent new features that make it worth every penny. According to Adobe, it will ship sometime in mid-February. However, if you can’t wait until then to find out what’s new and cool then you’ve got to see NAPP’s Lightroom Learning Center. As usual, NAPP is keeping everyone in the Photoshop industry on the cutting edge with the latest Lightroom Learning Center. Even if you’ve seen it before, make sure you take a look again. It’s been totally, 100% redone to include new tutorials, videos, articles and even exclusive interviews geared especially for version 1. Check it out here.