Lightroom Tips

Lightroom Tip – Search Presets

Scott turned me on to this tip in the Library module. If you turn on your Search Filter Bar (View > Show Filter Bar), you’ll see the bar appear at the top of the grid. In that bar you can, of course, choose your metadata, flag, and other filter-related searches. But if you look on the far right side of the bar you’ll see there’s a preset list next to the small lock icon. Well you can also create your own presets. So if you find yourself searching your photos for the same thing a lot then it’s easy to create a preset so you don’t always have to change the search filters. For example, when I teach, I always have to find a high ISO photo (to demo noise reduction) so I’ve created a search preset for that. I’ve also created one with a combination of flagged photos and an empty copyright field. If you’ve got other ideas, I’d love to hear them but I think there’s lots of potential options, so give it a try. Have a great weekend!