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Lightroom Tip – Resetting Sliders The Quick Way

Here’s one of those tips that, truth be told, I tend to forget about. But then, every time I use it I’m like “Crap! I’ve got to use that more”. Here’s an example. I’ll be editing a photo where I usually adjust the white balance first, then maybe some of the toning sliders in the Basic panel (Exposure, Fill Light, etc…). Then maybe I’ll drop the photo too. After I look at it for a while, sometimes I’m just not happy with it so I’ll reset the sliders and start from scratch. Well, so many times I just hit the Reset button which resets EVERYTHING, not just the toning sliders I’ve moved. So now, I have to recrop and adjust the white balance again when really, all I wanted to do was the toning sliders. Okay… all that to get to the tip. If you hold down the Option (PC: Alt) key when you’re in a panel, you’ll see some text appear at the top of the panel that reads “Reset Tone” (in my Basic Panel example). But it works for more than just the Basic Panel. So if you ever make adjustments in several panels, but then decide you want to ditch the settings in say, the Effects panel, there’s no need to manually reset all the sliders to their defaults. Just hold down Option/Alt and click Reset – it’ll do it for you. Hope you have a great weekend. I’m off to forget some more tips 😉



  1. Lightroom 4 Learning Center 4 June, 2012 at 00:10 Reply

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  2. Sheila 27 March, 2012 at 09:50 Reply

    It seems like having ttnbous assigned to labels is a bit of a waste, since there are already quick keyboard shortcuts for that.Would it be possible to set it up so that pressing a button switches what develop panels are open, and what the knob assignments are along with it?Obviously using a solution like the BCF2000 would be best, because then you could just switch panels and have enough nobs for everything, including crop, spot, brush and gradient. You could even have a designated panel off/on’ button so you could preview adjustments on the fly. Maybe even a dedicated knob for rolling through the edit history? But stepping back and simplifying things in terms of the controller you have and are testing with; it would be nice to press a button and have #1 Basic Panel opens1: Temp 2: Tint 3: Exposure 4: Recovery 5: Fill Light 6: Blacks 7: Vibrance 8: Saturation#2 Basic and Tone Curve open1: Brightness 2: Contrast 3: Clarity 4: Highlights 5: Lights 6: Darks 7: Shadows 8: Point Curve presets#3 HSL / Color / B&WKnobs for each color and maybe the Page +- ttnbous or the speed dial to switch between the 3 sections. (Though I think it would be great if the speed dial could move forward and backward on the filmstrip between images speaking of which, could the speed dial be configured to switch states? Then you could use the ttnbous for other things, like panel toggle on/off and I don’t know what else off the top of my head )#4 etc

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