Lightroom Tips

Lightroom Tip – Reordering Presets

If you haven’t noticed, you get fairly limited options when ordering your presets in the Preset panel in Lightroom. By default they’re sorted alphabetically. So any preset that begins with the letter A will show up in front of all other presets. Well, if you’re like me (and let’s hope you’re not 😉 ), you probably have a lot of presets so you have to scroll in your presets panel. So what happens if one of your favorite presets begins with the letter S? Do you scroll down to get to it each time? There is a workaround. It’s not exactly pretty but it’ll get the job done. Just rename the preset and put a number in front of it. Right-click on the actual preset’s name in the Preset panel and choose Rename. Then put a 1 in front of it and it’ll show up at the top of that preset folder. If you put a 1 in front of multiple presets then they’ll be sorted alphabetically after that. Then put a 2 in front of the preset you want to show up next and so on. Like I said, it ain’t pretty but it’s definitely better than always scrolling through to look for your favorite preset.

I hope that helps a little. Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!