Lightroom Tips

Lightroom Tip – Moving Presets

Way back I posted a video on organizing presets because your preset list in Lightroom can get pretty unwieldy if you don’t start using descriptively named folders to keep them in (ooops, did I just say “descriptively named folders”?… sorry, inside joke 😉 )
Anyway, what do you do if you didn’t put your presets in the folder you want in the first place? No sweat. You can move ’em. Just click on a preset and drag it into the folder you want. Here’s the trick though. Let’s say you have a really long preset list and you can’t see the folder name in your preset view. Then just drag the preset to the top or bottom of the panel edges (shown here).


It’s a little tricky at first, but if you drag slowly you’ll see the panel “catches” and starts scrolling. If you drag up too far or down too far, nothing will happen so make sure you drag slowly and you’ll be able to then drag it into another folder without going outside of Lightroom to reorganize things.