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Lightroom Tip: Hiding Panels

Did you know that you can hide specific panels in Lightroom? You probably knew that you can collapse a panel just by clicking the tiny arrow next to the name of the panel. But you can also hide them so they simply don’t show up. For example, personally I don’t use the Split Toning panel, so why even have it show up there anymore? To hide it (or any other panel) right click under the Histogram in the dark gray empty area in the Develop module (just to the left of the word Basic in the Basic panel). The panels that are visible will be checked. To hide one or more just click on it. Here’s a graphic that shows where I clicked and the list that you’ll see.

(click to see the image larger)

It not only works in the Develop module but all of the modules. Cool huh? Well, have a great weekend! I’m on my way out to Adobe Max this weekend so I’ll make sure I give you a report next week if anything cool happens.



  1. Ron Robertson 8 May, 2013 at 14:05 Reply

    You could have some “fun” using this tip on a co-workers LR —-What the #$%& happened to my Basic panel?

  2. Dennis Zito 6 May, 2013 at 15:52 Reply

    Matt, awesome tip! I was not aware of this. I to, do not use the split toning so I’m hiding that puppy!



    • JayM 6 May, 2013 at 15:56 Reply

      Hey Matt – I used your backlight preset on some travel photos and it worked extremely well! Thanks. You should give the ST panel a spin as it helps sauce up those warm highlights even further.

  3. JayM 3 May, 2013 at 08:59 Reply

    And related to that is the ability (circa LR4?) to selectively remove modules from the top panel in the same manner. Right click on the top panel and deselect what you don’t use.

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