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It’s “The Lightroom Show” Episode #2 with Scott & RC

It’s more tips and techniques based on the stuff you guys asked for. One thing we saw a lot were request for more on printing, so RC jumps in with some great info. I’ve got a coupla tricks that I hope might come in handy for you, and the whole thing goes by pretty quickly, but it’s packed full of tips. Plus, our featured photographer this episode is  http://www.juliancalverley.com/ – we are big fans of his work (hope you will be, too).

Next week we’ll be working on some of the suggestion you guys had for how the show is produced, including using closer camera angles for a more intimate feel and stuff like that. It’s a work in progress, but we’ll get there. Plus, we’ll get to more of the stuff you’ve asked us about (including some follow-up stuff from your comments — we reach each and every one!).


Also, thanks so much for all your support from our first show — I’m excited (actually thrilled)  to let you know that it has reached the #1 spot of ALL video podcasts on iTunes, and we couldn’t have done it without you (whoo hoo!!!).

If you want to subscribe free to the Lightroom Show through iTunes (and you can watch our show there as well), here’s what to do:


1. Launch iTunes and in the search field (top right corner) type in “The Lightroom Show”

2. When its page appears, move your cursor over the number 1 (as seen above) to the left of the episode’s name (seen here in a red box) and a play button now appears. Click on that and it plays full screen. P.S. I have to hand it to Apple on this one. I thought only Adobe hid things in places you’d never think to look. 😉

3. To subscribe (so you get every episode free), just click the Subscribe button under our logo 🙂

That’s it! Thanks again for all your support, well wishes, kind words, and for supporting this new show. 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody, and on Monday I’ll be wrapping up (and recapping) my 10-part series.