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Lots of Cool Lightroom Mobile Tips (Direct From the Source)

Not sure if you caught this, but we did a special episode of The Grid (RC hosted the show since I was on the road), but our good friend Terry White, (worldwide evangelist for Adobe), was our in-studio guest and whole show about using Lightroom Mobile, and it’s packed with cool little tips and tricks (Terry is awesome!).

If you get a chance, I’ve embedded the episode above – you’ll dig it.

Also, if you’re into sharing your images on social media, make sure you catch The Grid this Wednesday at 4pm as our guest is concert photographer/social media sensation Adam Elmakias. It’s going to rock! You can watch live at http://kelbytv.com/thegrid – Wed. at 4pm New York Time.

That’s it for today folks. Hope your Monday is way better than average. 🙂





  1. Dennis Smith 5 February, 2016 at 10:59 Reply

    Hi; concerning episode 216; I have a question.

    I’m not sure if I’m doing something incorrectly. I just got an iphone and an ipad pro. My desktop is windows based. I will rewatch this episode again, but;

    I started a project when I take pictures of trees on my iphone 6s+, I know, it might be silly or go nowhere. But, I would like the images to go to my desktop LR. I have LR mobile installed on both the ipad and the iphone. My thought on the process was;

    1) Take the shot with the iphone.
    2) If small tweaks are needed, work on them on the ipad.
    3) If it really needed work from the desktop, then I could work there.

    It doesn’t seem to be syncing from iphone to desktop. Or even from ipad to desktop. I’m a cc customer and I believe I have everything set correctly, but I just don’t see the image on my desktop.

    I know I can just plug my phone into the computer, or use icloud to move it over. But, I thought all this mobile stuff would do that. What am I missing?

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