Lightroom Tips

Lightroom Mobile Tip: Selecting A Photo To Represent the Collection

Lightroom Mobile launched last week to a huge welcoming crowd at Photoshop World. Since then I’ve heard a lot of great feedback on it and I’m hopeful to see where things go in the future. Anyway, I had a cool tip to share that one of the blog readers (Brian) asked about last week.

See, Lightroom Mobile uses collections on the iPad. When you’re looking at all of your collections though, you’re only going to see one photo that represents the collection. But sometimes that photo (that Lightroom chooses automatically) may not be a good representation of the collection for you. No sweat, you can change it. Just tap-and-hold on a photo in the collection. You’ll see a little pop-up menu appear and you can tell LR Mobile that you want to use that photo as the top photo on the collection. That way, when you’re in the collection view in the LR Mobile app, you’ll see that photo instead. Thanks for stopping by!