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Lightroom Maintenance Update Release

Hi gang, and welcome to the somewhat rare Thursday update. Adobe released a maintenance update for Lightroom, which includes support for a few new cameras, some new lens profiles, and of course, a host of bug fixes.

You can read about the update (along with a list of newly supported cameras and lenses, and bug fixes) at Adobe’s official Lightroom blog.

That’s it for today – see ya tomorrow! 🙂





  1. Patrick 14 April, 2017 at 02:31 Reply

    Two bugs that have been bugging along LR happily *since so very long* have not been dealt with – notwithstanding the fact that I’ve reported them many times:

    1. The View Info in the Print Module (Command-I) simply does not work anymore (since LR version 5 at least!!!).

    2. The Import Dialog windows no longer opens automatically when a memory card is inserted in a card reader connected to a USB port on my MacBook Pro.

    Will somebody higher up in the LR hierarchy take these two bugs seriously, please, and get some programmers to work on it? Thank you!

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