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Lightroom in 60-Seconds: Getting Rid of Bad Photos Fast!

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another installment in my new video series called “Lightroom in 60-Seconds.” This one’s on tagging ‘Rejects’ (photos that are just plain bad, out of focus, or otherwise messed up) and making them all go away, really fast, and all at once. Here ‘tis:

NOTE: I normally do this reject tagging as soon as I import the images into Lightroom (before I put any images of these images into a Collection or Collection set). So, when you delete them at this stage it deletes the actual image from both Lightroom and from your computer or hard drive as well.

If you do this after you’ve put your images into a Collection, it will just remove the Rejected photos from your current Collection. A quick way to remove them permanently is to go to the Catalog panel and click on “All Photographs” then choose Delete Rejected Photos, and it will remove them from everywhere (LR, and your hard drive).

Hope you found that helpful.

Have a rockin’ Tuesday, everybody!