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Lightroom ‘cloud’ Users: How to Back up Your Images To Your Computer

It’s actually more than that in this super helpful video from Terry White — he goes into the process of importing your images into the ‘cloud’ version of Lightroom, but he also tackles one of those “most-requested” topics, which is how ‘cloud’ users can back up their images locally (on their own computer or external hard drive) as well. It’s not a very long video (11+ minutes) but totally worth it. Check it out here.

Thanks, Terry!!! OK, this week is off and running — it’s going to be a great one!!!!

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  1. Will Thomas 16 June, 2021 at 06:13 Reply

    I do something similar with my phone photos. I take lots of sky replacement photos and use IFTTT and Adobe Cloud to create multiple backups. Is it possible to make Lightroom use a personal NAS instead of Adobe’s cloud server? That would be useful!

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