Lightroom 4 Beta Is Here!

Big news today! Lightroom 4 Beta is here! As you know, ever since Lightroom first came out, Adobe has been releasing each version in a public beta before the full version ships. I’ve been fortunate enough to kick the tires on it for some time now so, along with Scott Kelby, we’ve created NAPP’s Lightroom 4 Beta Launch Center with videos covering all the new features. It’s live already so feel free to jump over and check it out and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment here.

Also, I’ll be doing some free live webcasts all day today over at the Kelby Training studios and I’m thrilled to be joined by Adobe’s Lightroom Product Manager, Tom Hogarty. We’ll of course demo all the new features, but we’ll also leave time for some live Q&A so you can get all of your questions answered. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to see if we can do our best to make Tom squirm and release some deep dark Lightroom secrets 😉 Seriously though, we have THE actual Lightroom Product Manager from Adobe here on launch day so you don’t want to miss this. We’ll be running them live at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm EST. So feel free to jump in to one (they’re free!).

Keep an eye out on my Google+, Twitter and Facebook pages and follow me there for random updates throughout the day. I’ve got some new presets that I’ll add so that’s a good place to find out when they’re released.

Don’t forget to check out my good friend Terry White’s blog for more Lightroom 4 Beta info as well and I’ll of course be updating the blog regularity with new stuff as it develops.