Lightroom 3 is Alive!

Yup, Lightroom 3 is officially out. I can now stop asking you (in my blog posts) to stop asking me when Lightroom 3 is shipping 🙂

Anyway, Scott Kelby and I did a bunch of videos over at NAPP’s Lightroom 3 Learning Center. You can watch the videos as well as see our top 5 favorite features right here. So instead of running down the feature list here, I’ll give you a few Lightroom 3 tips that may sneak by if you’re not paying attention.

1. Check out the presets panel in the Develop module (you know I love presets). There’s some new ones in there and I’m extremely honored that they’ve included a few of mine as well 🙂

2. When using the Tethered Shooting feature don’t forget to turn on the Auto Advance Selection option (File > Tethered Capture > Auto Advance Selection. It’s a must have since you generally want to see the photos as you capture them 🙂

3. You can now optimize your catalog right from the File menu. Just choose File > Optimize Catalog.

4. When you’re in the Import Dialog your Destination area on the far right side will show your new destination of your photos in italics (see image below). That way you’ll know exactly where your photos will end up.

5. When using the Graduated Filter or the Adjustment Brush, look directly below and to the left of the photo in that little dark gray strip. You’ll see an option called Show Edit Pins. You can choose to automatically display those little pins or turn them off altogether if they’re getting in the way of you looking at your photo. You used to be able to do this in Lightroom 2 but you had to know the secret handshake/keyboard shortcut.

6. I use this one a lot actually, so make a note of it. Again, when using the Adjustment Brush or Graduated Filter you’ll sometimes change a bunch of settings (Exposure, Saturation, Clarity, Sharpness, etc…). Well it’s always been a pain to reset them back to 0 so you could make another change using different settings. Now just press the Option (PC: Alt) key and you’ll see a little reset option appear (circled in the image below). Just click that and all settings will return to 0.

Thanks for stopping by folks. Enjoy.